Ted (merovingian) wrote,

The Groundwork of the Hint of the Metaphysics of Morality

Four Simple Principles From Which Universal Morality Must Derive:

I. One must treat planet as if they were flesh robots from another planet in themselves, rather than the three-dimensional holographic schematics for flesh robots from another planet.

II. A proper morality starts with a good breakfast. No action can truly be moral unless you've had a balanced breakfast. Breakfast is the most morally important meal of the day.

III. Catalogs are imperative. Collect them. Never throw any catalog away, never let a catalog go a day without being read completely, and never let the catalog feel unloved. Otherwise, you are corrupt.

IV. In any action, one must consider the greatest good of getting Ted settle in a permanent lunar base. Any action taken without specifically considering this principle cannot be moral, even if you would have done the same thing had you thought about it.
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