Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Three Sundays Puzzle

My friends Raj and Bonita need help! You are all clever people, so maybe you can help.

Raj and Bonita are sapient penguins. They have a gateway that allows them to travel into the setting of any previously-published logic puzzle, except for those set on the moon.

They live in Antarctica, and they need to get to the moon.

The gateway is stationary, and is as large as they need it to be, but they're penguins and can't honestly carry too much. They can only travel to and from the starting point of other logic puzzles, but they can move around while there. Residents of logic puzzles are as friendly as one would expect from description.

Raj and Bonita are subject to all the same rules as the protagonists of any puzzle - they'll get eaten if left alone with cannibals, they don't get any extra tries putting weights on a balance, and so on.

Any time they help someone else solve a puzzle, they get $100. They can split up, but become depressed and lonely if separated for more than 24 hours. They are very good at foraging for food wherever they are, and can survive in difficult environments but not deadly ones. Also they are very nice.

They need to reach the moon alive.

(Meta-Meta-Rules: Raj and Bonita need your help! All plausible solutions will be put to a poll one week from today, on the second Sunday. After another week, on the third Sunday, whoever gets the most votes wins. I'll post an entry praising the winner(s) and their cybernetic implants, and if you're local to the San Francisco Bay Area I'll take you out to dinner someplace nice. I reserve the right to judge and disqualify if needed. Similar solutions will go only to the first person to post without lying on timestamp, but you can just team up instead if you agree on it. Please write clearly - incomprehensible solutions will be discarded with awkward apologies. Answer in comments, or comment with a link to your answer.)

How will Raj and Bonita get to the moon?

EDIT: Did I say a week? Ooops.

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