Ted (merovingian) wrote,

I'm making a list today of when I took social risks and when I didn't. I have a vague sense that I was wildly extroverted when I was younger, and that I've grown serious and shy now. That kind of trend is extremely vulnerable to confirmation bias, though, so I'm trying to get a better sense of it.

So I'm writing down all the times when I might have taken a social risk, introduced myself to a stranger, gone to a party where I didn't know anyone, done something flashy or outrageous in public. And I'm noting whether I took the risk or not. And then I'm trying to track everything else going on at that moment that might affect my behavior. Was I alone or with a group? Had I been exercising and eating well at the time? Did I own a cat? (I'm thinking about toxoplasma oocysts there.) How was my financial situation? How lonely was I? Did I just see someone else do something similar? Was I in a familiar place? What was I wearing? Was there some sort of "icebreaker" activity? Did I have other things to do? What were the other people around me like?

It's taking a long time, but I think a pattern is starting to develop. I'm a lot more shy just before I'm attacked by ninjas, and a lot more outgoing after a ninja attack. I don't know if that means I should antagonize ninjas more, or less.

How about you?
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