Ted (merovingian) wrote,

You know how sometimes...?

You know how sometimes you're hungry, and you're not sure what you want but you know it's not specific because everything you see isn't quite it, so you go down to the great green waters to find out, and you find a surfboard there and you paddle it out to sea, and you paddle for days and days in those great green waters, but then you see giant birds far above, circling you, and so you call out to them, asking them what you were hungry for the other day, but they don't answer, they just seem to beckon for you to follow them, and so you start to follow, but then you stand up on the surfboard and a perfect wave forms from nowhere in that great green water, and carries you forward, and you stand like that, carried so perfectly, for hours, and then you realize there's an old-school gameboy in your pocket, so you pull it out and start playing it and despite all that swimming and paddling and great green water somehow the gameboy works just fine, so you play video games while you're standing there surfing, following those birds, and then in the video game you get a strawberry and you realize, hey, that's what I wanted all along, but now you're far at sea, and there are no strawberries to be found, so you call out to the birds and say, 'hey could you guys maybe go get me some strawberries' and they reply with 'hey, what are you doing still following us' and you say 'you totally told me to' and they deny it, but you know they're lying, and furthermore you're worried about how you'll get home much less get your hands on some strawberries, but you play the gameboy to calm down and you get a high score, and it's higher than numbers can reach and so in your exultation you lift out of that great greensea and into the sky and you realize that all along the strawberry that you were craving probably wouldn't be as tasty as a gameboy and a surfboard but you couldn't even imagine that before because you weren't a giant bird then, so you scoop them up from the great green sea and swallow them and hey, you're not sure what they taste like but it sure isn't strawberry?

I love it when that happens.
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