Ted (merovingian) wrote,

That Nightclub Walk

This morning started out a little intense.

"It's not enough to go through your day without making mistakes," the people with the cameras said, "You need to be delightful. Catch our eye every moment. Be flawless, yes, that's a start, but we're looking for more. Every movement, every word, every facial expression should bem you know, witty. Brilliant and magnetic and splendid, but don't lay it on too thick or it will seem forced. Be casual about it. Make it look easy."

They showed me the map of where the cameras would be watching me, moment by moment, close-up shots catching every twitch and motion.

"Oh, and be sure all your motions are in time with this awesome funky beat," he said, handing me a little earbud with music pumping out of it.

So, um, I've been a little too distracted today to write an LJ entry until now. I hope my finger-twitch keystrokes, all in time with the music, are sufficiently elegant. No pressure.

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