Ted (merovingian) wrote,

In answer to everyone's question: Yes, I'm working on my second quincineria. It takes a whole lot of near light speed travel to make it even possible, especially for a dude. Even then, it's a lot more painful and difficult than the first. I'm certain it's not worth all the tests and trials and initiations, but I'm in too deep to give up now.

And my first quincineria was so beautiful!

Wish me luck! I'll let you know how it goes.

UPDATE: I am sad to say that I failed the final trial for my second quincineria.

"You need to prove you have feelings," they said, "Enjoy this vegan cupcake."

It seems kinda dry.

But I did my best. I imagined it as delicious, and focused on the best parts of the flavor. I closed my eyes and chewed and imagined I was in Hawaii the whole time. I smiled and felt the sun on my face and immersed myself in its vegany cupcakey flavor. I collected all my enthusiasm up into a wad of hunger and threw the cupcake into it.

And oh, the cupcake was good.

"No," they said with casual mercilessness, "that enjoyment actually seemed really forced."

So now I'm bummed. And they said that doesn't count as feelings, by the way, which I say is total bull, but there you go.

I'm disabling comments because I'm too verklempt.
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