Ted (merovingian) wrote,

The Complexity of Guitar Ownership

I'm kind of surprised at how complex guitar ownership is for so many of you guys out there.

Do tell. How is your guitar ownership complication? Did you buy a guitar and lose it? Are you borrowing a guitar long-term? Or perhaps you and some friends invested together in a time share? Or perhaps you're going through a divorce right now (and my condolences or perhaps congratulations to you!) and the guitar is part of the custody battle?

Is your guitar in escrow?

Or in transit?

Or you have something that's, perhaps, a mandolin, but restrung with guitar strings so you play it like a guitar but it sounds like a cross between the two?

Or it's in the attic, lost but maybe actually stolen?

Or someone bequeathed you a guitar, and that person is currently inside a sealed box with a radioactive isotope that may trigger a poison 50% of the time?

Or perhaps your guitar has achieved sentience, and the SCOTUS is still deliberating whether the Thirteenth Amendment applies?

Or you leased the guitar for a limited duration just before traveling at near-light speed, and whether the lease ended or not depends on the relative velocity of the observer?

Or perhaps you believe that the Earth itself is guitar-shaped, and that the Earth does not belong to us, but rather we belong to the Earth?

Please, share your guitar complexity stories. We don't have to live in silence any longer.

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