Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Stories About Stories

There's this one piece of Star Wars fan fic that all the time-travelling aliens love.

Mind you, I don't know why. The piece doesn't seem much different to me, and it doesn't involve time travel or anything. Truth is, the aliens don't even seem all that excited about it when they read it.

But they have bragging competitions about how much they love it. Like maybe they don't really enjoy it, so much as they really want everyone to know how much they enjoy it.

It's not bad, mind you. I read it again today. It's fine. It's not even particularly risque or daring. It's a perfectly serviceable piece of Star Wars fan fic, and if you're looking for Star War fanfic, you wouldn't object to reading this.

The Gershorian atom-eaters say that the like this particular story so much that they went back in time and convinced George Lucas to start the whole Star War franchise, just so this particular fanfic could be created.

The Hysort Lens Swimmers claim to have gone back in time and taught humans their secret of writing -- a secret which previously no other species but them had known -- just so this particular fanfic could be created.

The enigmatic World-Maker factory ships insist that they made the whole human race just so.... you get the idea.

The sad thing is, the site that hosts this particular fanfic is currently down, so instead I give you this link: The Majesty of Colors.
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