Ted (merovingian) wrote,

The same question over and over again

So I got a new job working for the Abyss. I thought it would be awesome, you know, dancing at the event horizon, calling out to the nameless void, knowing the null secrets of absolute nothingness. I figured I'd be doing something, you know, kind of Zen, like motorcycle maintenance or maintaining a rock garden. The pay's only so-so, but, you know, who doesn't want to work for the Abyss?

But it's a crappy job. I'm working in tech support, and it's the same dumb question over and over again.

Stop calling already! Yes, if you gaze into the Abyss it gazes also into you. No, that's not a bug, that's how it works. No, we have no plans to change it. Yes, if you insist I can escalate this to my manager...

...but beware.

When you talk to my manager, my manager talks also to you.
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