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New Slang

"First of all," they said, "the purpose of rhyming slang isn't to be clever, nor charming, nor linguistically intriguing. And it's also not intended to be a fun word puzzle for you to solve. It's intended to be a way to talk to each other in a way that you can't understand them. Second of all, we're not even Cockney, we're mole-people."

"Well, that just means you need a better rhyming slang," I replied happily.

Poll #1417784 Mole-People Rhyming Slang (Please Use English Words Throughout)

Step One: Okay, first start with your actual word.

Step Two: Now, take another word that rhymes with the word from Step One.

Step Three: Okay, next, pick a synonym of the word from Step Two.

Step Four: Now, think of a vaguely common-ish phrase that rhymes with the word from Step Three.

Step Five: Good! Now just keep the first word of the phrase from Step Four.

Step Six: Now just pick a totally unrelated word.

Step Seven: Now pick a word that describes a positive trait for a robot.

Step Eight: Now... oh, man. I totally lost my place. Drat. Okay, um, combine the words from steps Five through Seven into one single really long word.

Step Nine: Are you still with me? Pick a word that rhymes with that last one. That's your rhyming slang for the word from Step One.

(Please note: my next post will be written using Mole-People Rhyming Slang. I'll try to incorporate as much rhyming slang as I can.)
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