Ted (merovingian) wrote,

I am learning how to write!

I am considering once again the possibility of writing fiction. I've never tried it before, though, so I'm taking a class.

"The Perfect is the enemy of the Good," my writing instructor told me today, "but..."

"Let me guess," I said, because I had a lot of rudeness in my breakfast cereal today, "Both of them team up to fight against the Mediocre?"

"Well, yes, I suppose," she conceded, "but actually, all three of them then team up to fight Giant City-Eating Insecto-Bot Time-Traveling Marilyn Monroe."


"So today's lesson is this: Write more about her."


"Anyway, she'll be here giving a guest lecture tomorrow. Bring questions that won't enrage her and be ready to take cover if you do."

Wish me luck! This fiction thing sure does seem daunting.
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