Ted (merovingian) wrote,


If I got these, I would be the coolest werewolf hunter ever.

Who's with me?

Are you with me?

Yes! I would like to joing your werewolf hunting crew!
Yes, but only in a sort of moral-support kind of way.
No, but good luck.
No, and also I think your plan is stupid.
I don't understand why this question uses checkboxes instead of radio buttons.

What skills do you have that would uniquely qualify you for the position of werewolf hunter?

What are your greatest weaknesses as a werewolf hunter?

Please check all that apply.

The lack of werewolves in this world makes werewolf-hunting a very easy job, though not very lucrative.
I have eaten beef chow mein at Lee Ho Fook's in London.

Please indicate your salary requirements.

You know, it's never advantageous to give your salary requirements during these kinds of negotiations. It is better to keep them silent and safe in your secret little heart.
I would like to be paid in bejewelled silver brass knuckles.
Supposedly-ironic parody of urban street culture by upper-middle-class professionals leads to lycanthropy and/or perpetuation of social injustice.
I would like to be overworked and underpaid.
Some people live in an economy driven by hope, and others in an economy driven by fear.
For better or worse, cortisone inhibits histamine.
Credit cards are like struggling relationships: until you reach the point of total collapse, it's much more comfortable to pretend everything's okay.
I would like to focus on the adventure of werewolf-hunting rather than the ugly little details of how to make money doing it.
Humans are already causing enough harm in this world. I say we should leave the werewolves alone and focus our attention on pumpkin-headed serial killers instead.
You know, none of these are actually salary requirements. I don't understand why this question uses a dropdown instead of check boxes.

What would be your soundtrack while you were fighting werewolves?

But now that I think about it, maybe what a werewolf-hunter really needs is this.

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