Ted (merovingian) wrote,

talking about talking about the weather

If you ask the water molecules about the weather, you will get a different answer from every single one. Sure are a lot of nitrogen atoms, one might say. Or aren't you a little big to be chatting up a water molecule there? Or I know, I know, these hydrogen atoms look like Mickey Mouse ears, right?

A particular water molecule doesn't know if it's rain or snow or steam or sleet or just ambient moisture, but you can pretty much assume that every little guy is excited to be part of the weather and eager to do its part. You gotta love 'em for that; they really give the whole thing their all. Thanks, water molecules. If I pass you by in the hallway tomorrow morning, I won't play it cool pretend not to know you. We're not like that, aich-two-oh, you and me. You know I got your back. Thanks for all that weather.

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