Ted (merovingian) wrote,

being temporary

So, we all got our confirmation that our new bodies (made from texturized vegetable fiber and top-shelf microbrew root beer) are on the way and should be arriving in six to eight weeks. We're all quite excited, of course.

But since we got confirmation, we have all been feeling an intense need to run our exchangeable bodies down to the wire. You know, the ones we were born with.

We've been skiing and drinking and studying ballet, and driving too fast and having a lot of bacon and suntans and unprotected sex. Heck, we have started smoking -- not because it's particularly pleasant, but it just seems like a waste not to use up these healthy pink lungs. We were starting to look into ritual scarring and deep-sea diving when we got a call saying that the shipping company had accidentally shipped our microbrew root beer to a music festival in Austin and we would have to wait "twelve to infinity" weeks for the next shipment.

So I'm going to demand a refund and start looking around for one of those companies that gives you a parrot body instead. There's no way that could go wrong. Any recommendations?

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