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Hamburger with Your Own Words

I first had this recipe in a dream.  I thought it was odd, so I told some of the folks in my company basketball team about it and it turns out they all had the same dream.  The more we talked about it, the hungrier we got, and so we all wrote down the recipe.  All of us got the recipe slightly different.  Here's my version.  Note that my coworker Tim's version is soon to be published in the New York Times, which is why Tim will be suing me for blogging this.  That's the whole point of this post, in fact; I've been looking for an excuse to quit that stupid company basketball league.

Hamburger, restaurant bought, 1 count
Ankh, platinum, 1 count
Own words, yours, 12 count

Buy hamburger from fast food establishment nearest your dentist's office.  Pay with nickels only.  Open bun and add ankh and words.  Steam-cook for 15 minutes.  Eat fresh.

Serves one.  Delicious on a summer night when you're starting to forget what it was like to be innocent.

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