Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Popcorn with Savory Lime Chiles

My evil twin swears this recipe turns out well.  As a result, I refuse to attempt it.

1 2-gallon bowl of high-quality organic popcorn, hand popped on a stove
1 2-gallon bowl cheap store-bought popcorn, with fake butteresque substance already mixed in
30 limes, thinly slices
15 roasted habanero peppers
1tsp cayenne pepper

Mix all ingredients in a large dark-colored laundry bag.  Travel through Death Valley during spring (by car, with laundry bag near sunny window) or fall to warm all ingredients with an even, unforgettable hot temperature.  Return home, exhausted, having completely enjoyed your trip and thoroughly forgotten your popcorn.  Find popcorn again the next morning, and serve in a red glass punch bowl.

Serves five friends or fifteen enemies.

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