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Lemonade from the Sky

When I first heard about this recipe I was worried it would be trouble.  The opposite has been true -- when I use this recipe, I am trouble.

Lemonade from the Sky


Get a large plastic bucket.  Place under a lemon tree near your home, in Springtime.  Every morning and afternoon, check on bucket.  Throw away any branches or leaves that have fallen in.  Peel any lemons, then wash and eat the rind.  Leave the peeled lemon fruit in the bucket.

Delegate your crying responsibilities to the sky.  Let the bucket collect rain, as it is springtime.

All the while, cultivate a sweetness in your life.  Try to be generous and merciful with others, and even more so with yourself.  Take time to appreciate what you (and others) have done right.  Continue until your sweetness reaches a rolling boil, then pour into the bucket.

By Summertime you will have a huge bucket full of lemonade from above.

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