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I have had a problem, lately, with all of these boys in my yard. They are trampling the lawn and blocking my driveway. They used to be on my neighbor's yard, and she drove them away. I asked her how she did it and she gave me this recipe.


1/2 pound negative strawberries from the mirror world, hulled and sliced with goatee shaved (thanks livrelibre!)
2 heaping tablespoons inverse sugar
1 teaspoon reverse vanilla extract
1 pint antimatter vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup antimilk (produced by running an anti-cheese factory bacward and then removing antirennet, antisalt, and anticulture. Anticulture can then be thrown away or used to create television shows.)

In mixing bowl combine the negative strawberries, inverse sugar, and reverse vanilla extract and stir. Set aside in Bizarro world for 20 minutes to an hour. Then pour all ingredients into a blender from the opposite hemisphere (so that it runs in the opposite direction) and blend until smooth.

Drives all boys from yard. May also destroy universe.

Alternately, drink someone else's antimilkshake with a long straw. Drink it up!

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