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Time Travel Soup

Time Travel Soup

I got this recipe from someone who was claiming to be a future version of me, but claiming to be someone from the future and then giving them information is probably the most immature time traveler prank in the book. Which is a clay tablet full of nanofiche files, if you must know.

2 tbsp. Sapphire Saffron, from the year 2115 AD
2 cups Pottage, from the year 1220 BC
16 diced Parsnips, from the year 13,000 BC or so
2 cups Forbidden Rice, from the year 1100 AD, when it was still really forbidden
5 gallons Chicken Stock, store bought, from the year 1955 AD
3 megaflemtoks Znebev Flesh, vat grown, from the year 20,001 AD
War, only, from the year 40,000 AD

Mix all ingredients in a temporally stable crockpot. Place crockpot in a Delorean and accelerate to 88mph. That doesn't have much to do with the recipe, I just thought you might be stuck in a soup-making rut and going for a nice fast drive might liven things up. Take the crockpot back inside and let it cook overnight at a low temperature. Refill with more chicken stock every few hours, or if that's too much of a hassle just fast-forward through time in two-hour hops and refill with more chicken stock each time. After twelve hours (objective time) ladel out.

Can be refrigerated, but that seems unnecessary since you can just transport it to the time when you'll be serving it.

Serves ten people, or ten copies of a single person throughout his and/or her life.

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