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Hard Boiled Egg

My agent says that if I keep posting recipes like this, he's going to put me on a rocket and launch me into space. I think he meant it as a threat, but that's not how I see it.

Hard Boiled Egg

One egg
Salt and pepper to taste

Place your heart on display, fearless and vulnerable and honest. If others want to criticize your vulnerability, let them; your worth comes from within. Your love grows stronger in hardship, never weaker. Raise patience and awareness up through sunbeams and on and on, above the white cottonscape of clouds. Walk raw through the world and forget shape; protect yourself only when you must. Trust whenever you can. Look people in the eye. Cry sometimes. When you get hurt, let it deepen your empathy and help you know how to heal others. Philosophize instead of isolating. Remember to play and to laugh. Oh, and then go boil an egg. And add some salt and pepper.

Serves one at best.

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