Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Chow Fun

I collaborated on making this recipe with bettybaker. She got her half of it from the underside of a toilet plunger. I got my half of it from the underground antiques market in Bangkok. We discovered that our two halves of the recipe fit together perfectly, and the rest is the future.

Chow Fun

1 chow-chow, well-behaved, in need of entertainment
12 party hats, torn
1/2 lb broad flat noodles, raw
1 plastic swimming pool, cool, refreshing
1 medium sized death ray, just in case

Place one party hat on chow-chow. Place other 11 party hats on imaginary friends. Wonder if that is a little bit depressing. Use death ray to murder one of the imaginary friends and steal party hat back for self. There, that came in handy.

When chow-chow tears uncomfortable party hat off self, pick up chow-chow and jump into swimming pool. Grab forgotten broad flat noodles and sprinkle into cool refreshing swimming pool.

Serves one person, one chow-chow, and ten imaginary friends.

RIP other imaginary friend. We will always remember you for your citizenship and verve.

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