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Vegetable Orchestra

There are some that say that the tomato is a vegetable and some who say that it is a fruit. Herman Melville, in Moby Dick, insisted that the whale is a fish and not a mammal, demonstrating that he was sort of a dumb goon sometimes. This is a recipe that contains neither tomatoes, nor whale, nor fish. I am told that children all hate the taste of tomatoes because their taste buds are looking for sweet, sweet, sweet, and that people who think they don't like tomatoes actually possibly just haven't given tomatoes a good square chance since adulthood. Then again, I'm also told that milk is one of the four basic food groups, so you'll excuse me I hope if I am a little bit skeptical about this whole process of learning facts and techniques from my environment, experiences, and culture. Wait, that's not skeptical, it's just stubborn. I guess excuses will only spoil me, so keep me honest, folks. Keep me honest.

Vegetable Orchestra

Sound, 40 decibels
Thought, 100 human minds' worth, contemplative
Thought, 1 human minds' worth, active
Motion, 30 meters/second
Mystery, 5 kVt

Render savage meaning from the random signals that surround you, drilling experience into thought and thought into narrative. Become the protagonist of your narrative, then face the truth that your narrative was attempting to hide from you. When achieving perfect clarity, add tomatoes and fish, then become angry and disappointed and confused at this betrayal. Spend years making amends. Apologize, reconstruct, reconsider. Name your shackles. Translate sound into thought, contemplation into action, motion into mystery. Once this is complete, mumble mumble mumble vegetable orchestra. I am sorry about those tomatoes and fish, I understand that they probably caused problems and I want to make amends.

Serves eleven.

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