Ted (merovingian) wrote,


"This one is a pleonasm," said the scientist, "It's an unnecessary redundant extra use of words, either by mistaken accident or as a clever rhetorical turn of phrase."

I nodded at her commentary. She checked off something on her clipboard and walked further down the echoing marble halls of the laboratory to the next glass display.

"And this one is a plesiosaur," she said, "A big aquatic dinosaur with flippers."

I took some pictures, because she totally forgot to indicate that no flash photography was allowed, and hey, dinosaur pictures.

"When I pull this lever, we combine them, using my groundbreaking Portmanteau Engine. I don't mean to brag too much, but did you know that they called me mad at the university? Not that I think that they were short-sighted fools or anything, but I must admit I'm quite proud of my Portmanteau Engine."

The last thing I remember was wondering if the pleonasm would be spoiled by paralepsis.

Then she pulled the lever and everything went bright luminous white.
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