Ted (merovingian) wrote,

John just sat at his desk, slack-jawed, clicking mouse buttons and reading intently.

"He went Wiki-Surfing on Monday and hasn't resurfaced yet," his wife told me, "I am going to go in after him. I think he started by looking up Bad Boy on the Beatles VI album. I'm going to go in and try to follow his trail and bring him back to safety. I think maybe he's researching St. Patrick's Battalion now. Or maybe Neurotheology. I'm not sure, but I need to follow his trail."

"And what about me?" I asked. Because hey, ten bucks is ten bucks, right?

"I just need you to stand here and hold the other end of the rope tether around my waist while I try to find him. If I don't resurface within twelve hours, pull on the rope to drag me away from the monitor."
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