Ted (merovingian) wrote,

On Strategy

As you may already know, I am in favor of mad science.

So I bought that device that scans your brain for ideas and creates them as tiny monsters. You know, the one the mad scientist is selling on Kickstarter.

Who could know that this could go wrong?

Well, it turns out I have some bad ideas. These ideas turned into monsters, and those monsters turned green with envy and then attacked in sheer apoplectic fury!

Well, I did what I could. I pulled out my hypnosomnic ray and tried to zap those thought-monsters to sleep. Well, they turned invisible to try to be harder to hit. So I handed off my hypnosomnic ray to the little monster made from my delusion that I was a much better shot than I actually was. Sharpshooter!

Now those envious invisible monsters are all sleep, still angry.

Go team! Colorless green ideas sleep furiously!
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