Ted (merovingian) wrote,

I have a conundrum! At first I was excited to have a conundrum, until I realized that it was a problem and not some kind of ice cream novelty treat. Now I'm looking for a solution instead.

My conundrum is this: Today is of course Take Your Country's Thirteenth President To Work Day. I'd like to participate.

But Millard Fillmore is very busy because everyone here has the same 13th president and also because he is dead.

What do I do?

What do I do?

Repopulate myself to France and bring Gaston Doumergue (who is also dead)
Repopulate myself to Brazil and bring Washington Luis (who is also also dead)
Repopulate myself to Mexico and bring Valentin Canalizo (who is very dead)
Bring Tony Blair and hope no one notices (he is busy and was never a president)
Repopulate myself to Sealand and shrug helplessly
Change jobs because something is wrong with this place
This is a stupid event and no one else is participating either
Oh, hey, the thirteenth president of the Phillippines (Joseph Estrada) is still alive
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