Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Funtime Culinary Poll!

Poll #2033852 Chicago Hot Dogs

Is there only one way to make a Chicago-style hot dog?

There is only one way to make a Chicago-style hot dog.
There are many ways to make a Chicago-style hot dog. All but one of them are unforgiably incorrect.
It is acceptable to vary a Chicago-style hot dog, and even to use a vegetarian meat substitute, so long as you use celery salt, neon green relish, mustard, sport peppers, NOT KETCHUP, NOT PORK. Anything else is unforgivably incorrect.
I do not understand the context of this post, or I do not wish to contribute to this poll, but I feel that I should be able to participate in this poll anyway.
Something something something 1893 World's Fair.
This is too sacrosanct a topic. Even discussing the matter as if there were controversy is unforgivable.
I believe that it's okay to have a Chicago-style hot dog with pork franks and ketchup. I understand and accept that my interpretation is unforgivably incorrect, and volunteer myself for the penalties listed below.

What happens if you request or create an unforgivably incorrect hot dog and then falsely assert that it is a Chicago-style hot dog?

Any Chicagoan you know will shun you forever.
You will be kicked out of the store and forbidden to return to Chicago again.
Any Chicagoan you know will hunt you down and feed you to a Sarlacc.
The hungry ghost of Richard J. Daley will be roused into furious anger and haunt you to the ends of the Earth.
The hungry living-ghost of Richard M. Daley will be roused into furious anger and haunt you to the ends of the Earth, which is a thing that can happen.
Organized crime or sea monsters or something like that.
Again, I will insist on filling out this form, though I have no investment in this discussion. I insist that my non-contribution be accommodated with a poll response.
Other (please reply in text.)

Okay, assume you're being haunted by the hungry ghost of Richard J. Daley. What could you do to, you know, appease him? Or dispel him? Or, um, defeat him or something? I'm, um, asking for a friend or hypothetically something. Please answer quickly. Thanks.


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