Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Everything I Needed To Know About History...

The cutting and timely historical insights below are from the 1983 Avalon Hill game Lords of Creation. Factual, spelling and grammar errors are from text.

Doc Holliday is a 19th century western gunfighter. He has Revolver - 4.

Blackbeard is a 17th century pirate with long black hair and beard. He has flintlock Pistol - 3.

Billy the Kid is a famous 19th century outlaw. He has Revolver - 4.

Sir Richard Francis Burton is a noted 19th century explorer and translater. He has Sword - 2 and Revolver - 2, Wilderness - 3 and the power of Electrosensing.

Harald Hardraada is an infamous 11th century viking. He is 7 foot tall and has Sword skill 3.

Owen Glendower is the last native Prince of Wales (14th century) who led the Cymric (Welsh) fight for freedom against the English. He has Sword - 2 and the powers of Animal Control, Necromancy, Fly, and Storm. His name is also spelled Owain Glyn Dwr.
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