Ted (merovingian) wrote,

The Deep Click

I came home late yesterday afternoon, after a tasty meal at Nothing But Rat Parts, a local deli, to find three policemen sitting on my bed, waiting for me.

"Ted, we'd like to ask you some questions," said the policeman with the waxed moustache and the snakeskin boots.

Naturally, I was terrified, and began reviewing, in my head, what I might have done wrong recently. Nothing came to mind.

"Can we have a few minutes of your time?" asked the policeman with the big, beautiful ice blue eyes and the buzzcut.

I nodded, smiling, failing to seem casual, "Sure, sure. Can I offer you all something to drink?"

"No, thank you," responded the policeman with the vanadium skin grafts and the Qabbalic forehead tattoos, "Please, have a seat."

I sat.

"What is the deep click?" asked Snakeskin.

"The deep click? Oh, that's, uh.... a metaphor, sort of. A few months ago I was in a car accident, and I went to a chiropractor the next day. My arm and back were sore, but the chiropractor adjusted my arm immediately, and, well, there was a deep click. Like, it was quiet and I barely noticed it, but it was very intense, and I knew that the problems with my arm had been solved then and there. It was a very tiny click, but felt significant, and, indeed, the next day my arm was fine. The metaphor is, um....?"

"Hard to explain?" suggested Vanadium.

I sighed relief, that they seemed to be receptive, "Yeah, hard to explain. Um, so, you know the whole thing about the unconscious, and about how what's happening now, with health or with behavior, is probably just a surface symptom of what's been happening for a while? Like, there's a riot in some city because of some incident, but you know it's not about that incident, it's because the weather is hot, and people feel slighted about something that happened five years ago, and people have just been waiting for it to happen?"

"Right. Go on," nodded Buzzcut.

"So the implication is, you need to address the problem beneath. You need to set the bone right back in place, or examine and go through old memories that are shaping your life today, or find out why the population is afraid and angry. But there's no immediate result to that. Usually, correcting the underlying problem makes the symptoms worse."

"You can't break an omelette, and so on..." mused Vanadium.

"Exactly. Sometimes it's pretty simple and painless - like with the chiropractic adjustment I'd gotten - but maybe that's because you're solving the deeper problem right after it's been created. Usually, you can't be so lucky."

"And what's the big click, then?" persisted Buzzcut.

"Well, sometimes you don't know it's been fixed. Or sometimes fixing it is a long and drawn-out process. But once in a while, you can tell. You can mark the moment the change happens, even if there's no other symptomatic changes. Just a tiny change, which later radiates out and makes all the difference. That's what I meant by 'The Deep Click.' "

They nodded, thanked me, and left.

On the way out, I heard Buzzcut saying to the other two, "Okay, it sounds like he doesn't know anything about Project Deep Click. Let's try not to let the next one ramble so much - we've only got two days, and the list the Grigori gave us has about eighty names."

And then they changed into gazelles and ran away.
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