Ted (merovingian) wrote,

His Very Special Alphabet Song

I was jogging this morning, when I noticed the other jogger. He looked vaguely like me, but not very much. When we made eye contact, I knew there could be only one.

From nowhere, an umpire arrived. We had five minutes to compose and perform an original children's song. The victor would win.

Crowds gathered. I sang my song while he sang his. My song was a little ditty about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. The kids kind of liked it, but, ultimately, they loved this other guy's alphabet song.

Here's how the song went....

(to the tune of "Four Minutes and Thirty-Three Seconds")

A is for Fire, which flows through our fingers,
B is for Electronics, which dances and lingers,

C is for Cabbage, which watches with patience,
D is for Anthills, which turn into nations,

E is for Tantrums, sent out by chip implants,
F is for Robots, which do a cool flip-dance,

G is for Rodents, all shiny and silver,
H is for Yetis, which like to eat orange,

I is for Sunshine, which powers our ice-hill,
J is for Train-Tracks: you must take a chill pill,

K is for Ashtray, my favorite Pig-Latin,

I can't remember the next lines. Can someone help me?
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