Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Email from a friend

I just got email from my friend Barbara, which is surprising, and I'll tell you why.

Barbara is the most malicious person ever. Everything she does, she does with hate in her heart. I met her at the soup kitchen, where she regularly volunteered, specifically to see people suffer, and to remind the poor that the world is full of people wealthier than they are.

Similarly, she participates in ecological cleanups to make everyone else feel guilty and underacheiving. She never lies, steals, or hurts people, and she avoids doing those things specifically to make other people feel bad about their minor piccadilloes.

As part of her malice, she deliberately keeps all her seemingly kind deeds absolutely secret, and affects a manner of complete innocence. I only found out about all this when I asked.

Barbara passed away two weeks ago. She dove in front of a car to save an old lady's life. I happen to know, based on earlier conversations, that she regularly saves the lives of the elderly, specifically to prolong their suffering.

I just got an email from her this morning, where she mailed me from the afterlife where she winded up. The email was one line long.

Poll #23756 The email read as follows.......

Dear Ted,


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