Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Today, while I was busy ftaghning

So, to make this clear, this wasn't the most important thing that happened to me today.

I was woken up by a married couple (both notable archaeologists, and, to the public eye, academic rivals), a former mobster in the witness protection program, a disbarred psychoanalyst whose opinions were too extreme, and a plucky pickpocket with a terrible secret.

I had been dreaming, and then I heard them chanting my name, "Iä! Iä Ted! Iä Iä!" They were attempting to bind me into my sleeping place.

I awoke and consumed them all.

That wasn't the most important thing that happened to me today.

The most important thing that happened were my terrible dreams, but if I tried to explain them to you, you'd die.

You're welcome!

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