Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Do you ever get the sneaky feeling that giant anthropomorphized rats lurk underground in major cities, and that they specifically cluster themselves around the world's federal and corporate scientific endowment industries, rummaging through the garbage for rejected proposals that could have been good ideas, and that they scrap together the materials for the ones they find promising for their own nefarious purposes, and that they're outside, right now, waiting for you to fall asleep?

I think, in a little way, we all do.

But do you ever further get the feeling that, at this moment, they are pillaging through the libraries, gathering a sufficiently large sample size to test the principle that rhetorical and poetic techniques can be mapped one-to-one with mystic principles (metonymy with sympathic tidings, apostrophe with evocation, et cetera) and that these mappings are found in similar frequencies inside a given culture because they both play on the same implicit psychological structures?

Because that would just be paranoid.

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