Ted (merovingian) wrote,

This past weekend, I went to the doctor about attention deficit disorder. He asked me the kind of questions you would expect and I gave the kind of answers you would expect. Then, started like massaging my head, pushing and probing and consulting a big chart.

"Yes, you have attention deficit disorder." He said clearly. "Areas 21 and 27 of your skull are soft and overly rounded, while area 19 has a small bump. We can correct this surgically."

I checked his credentials. The man had an M.D. from GWU, a residency doing Brain and Skull surgery in London, and a Ph.D. in Phrenology from some Netherlands university. I asked him about that, and he explained the whole thing. Phrenology works, but Freud's theories became so dominant that all competing theories were crushed. Most people have forgotten or discarded it, but he showed me a book full of testimonials.

I went along with the surgery, but I've still been late for work a lot. I've gotten plenty of complements on my attractive skull shape, though.
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