Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Rock a Chip

I have been having symptoms lately.

So I went to the doctor, and asked her for advice. She said I should consider nutrition:

Vitamin C helps prevent nosy neighbors and Cartesian skepticism.
Vitamin A helps build driving skill, fashion sense, and assists with the lottery.
Vitamin B2 wards away the evil eye.
Vitamin B6 assists in communication with insects, and reduces the number of commercials you see on your favorite shows.
Vitamin D, which comes from the sun, allows telepathy.
Vitamin E, when applied to the skin as an oil, prevents twigs and leaves from falling into your hair, and prevents layoffs.
Vitamin L just doesn't exist.

Then I mentioned to the doctor that I liked a variety of different cheeses, and she said that, in that case, I needed to spend a day or to in space.

So I took a cab to Ft. Lauderdale and asked to be allowed on board.

They said that yes, it would be possible, if I could "transcendentally yet innocently" (they refuse to explain what they meant by that) answer a single question.

I didn't get it right. Maybe you can.

What street (not a highway or bridge) in your metropolitan area will be remembered as historically significant two hundred years from now, and why?


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