Ted (merovingian) wrote,

The Best Way to My Heart is Through My Mouth

Here are nine of my favorite meals:

1. A list of my favorite meals.
2. Fourteen blades of lemongrass, spritzed lightly with water brought from a Hawaiian natural spring, carried only by a male, virginal, Dutch astrophysicist. With french fries on the side.
3. Justice.
4. Candy that tastes like soap-that-smells-like-candy.
5. Henry Ford's dying breath, reduced to a paste, smothered atop Wonderbread. With poisoned chocolate milk on the side. In London between the years 783 A.D. and 841 C.E.
6. The Winchester Defender 1200, with modified stock. Served with the inability to distinguish the smell of mint from the concept of increasing.
7. Cashews.
8. Eucalyptus leaves, while a koala.
9. The New Yorker magazine, pan-fried in peanut oil and lightly salted.
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