Ted (merovingian) wrote,

A hurricane in China

A butterfly just landed on my right hand.

The circulatory system of this butterfly is rootbeer.
The pattern of the wings of this butterfly contain tiny advertisements for a popular brand of shoes and boots.
The chirping sound of this butterfly is an original improvisation in the style of Bach's fugues.
The feet of the butterfly are trained in an ancient style of kung fu.
The antennae of the butterfly allow cellphone eavesdropping.
The multifaceted eyes of the butterfly can only see thta which is virtuous and joyous.
The little bristles on the back of the neck of this butterfly compel those it touches to hyperbole.
The butterfly's favorite color is black.
The butterfly's favorite Beastie Boys album is "Paul's Boutique."
The butterfly is a registered member of the American Model Rocketry Society.
The butterfly's best friend is attending chiropractic school in Greenland.

Now, I ask you, what does this butterfly want from me?
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