Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Chocolate Garlic Butter Sauce

The goal, perhaps, is a unified personal information-processing device, with a secondary group device. Everyone, then, would have a unified phone-PDA-camera-alarmclock-radio-TV-gamecenter-microphone-keychain-IDcard-remotecontrol-wallet-smartterminal, and every house would have a TV-stereo-server-wallart. Mostly, the current technology needs to become cheap and universally accepted. But what about the hidden benefits of the bumps and inefficiencies?

For this reason, we decided to climb Half-Dome and start an improvised trailside café at the top. Our thought: a little flicker of civilization would be welcome. Sometimes we'd have budding artists, local jazz musicians or French conversation clubs. It was going well...

...until a skeleton climbed up and chased us. We scattered, leaving our portable espresso machines and camera-cellphones.

I stumbled running down the slope, and the skeleton caught up to me. It tackled me - who know it would be so strong? - and pinned me. It looked into my eyes with its hollow sockets and said:

"People who procrastinate end up feeling more stress about it than people who act without delay. Armchair anarchists are more frightened than activists."
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