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B is for Bigarette

Recently, you may have seen an item that was difficult to identify.

It was a mothman egg. They're coming.

There's only one way to survive the coming of the mothmen. Bribe them with cash.

However, keep in mind that they're mothmen. They have no interest in human values or fragile social constructs.

Therefore, I'm having a little contest.

I need to know what the most valuable form of currency is, in terms of the value of the metal (or whatever) used to make the coin, divided by the standard market value of the coin. Paper money is almost useless - high currency value, and the materials aren't very rare. What's the best buy for bribing the mothmen?

The first person to present correct data (comment in this journal), with valid links to back up the information, wins. My next journal entry will be spent extolling the virtues of the winner, and I'll also (if possible) buy them coffee.

Because I believe in crappy prizes. And so do the mothman.
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