Ted (merovingian) wrote,


"Omphaloskepticism (n., spurious): Contemplation of one's navel with disbelief or doubt until attaining enlightenment, but not buying it."

That's the only entry listed in my Incredibly Abridged Dictionary. Omphaloskepticism. It didn't make any sense at all.

Then tyrsalvia told me about Rite-Aid. I thought, at first, that perhaps everything you found at Rite-Aid was a ritual component. She suggested, though, that there was actually a secret room in the back.

I went back there, and the helpful uniformed Rite-Aid employees told me to take a map of the world (or as much of it as needed) and trace every place where I'd lived, and interpret the shape. That shape would hold the secret to my life's goals.

That Rite-Aid staff. So courteous and enlightened.

It's shaped kind of like a meniscus, so that means that my destiny is to try, but fail, to answer the following question:

"What did Odin whisper to Balder at his deathbed, and how can I make money off it?"

So, um, help me out here, can you?

What did Odin whisper to Balder at his deathbed?

How can I make money off it?

How can one achieve enlightenment?

The helpful employees of Rite-Aid
Mapping home locations
Whispering to Balder
Making Money

Boldly proclaim something!

Please check this poll's results and read the last person's bold proclamation. Do you agree or disagree? If your views are mixed, please summarize to whichever you favor more, even slightly.


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