Ted (merovingian) wrote,

2756 AUC

You know the story of "Kublai Khan." Coleridge was in a receptive state and began to write a frightening and paradisical tale of Xanadu. Partway through writing he was interrupted by an annoying visitor at the door, and the rest of the poem was lost. It might have ended up a disco roller derby.

How many variations on that theme?

When I was 15, I ruminated a great deal about the fourth dimension. Specifically, I tried to train my spatial perceptions to adapt to a fourth orthogonal direction. I was getting closer and closer, then I visited my friend Mike's house and chatted with his father, a mathematician who was working in statistics at the time. He mentioned that sometimes the math he was dealing with had hundreds of dimensions. I fell to the floor, clutching my eyes and howling in pain, and, since then, have not been able to regrow the sense I had almost completely gained.

Last year, I was "surfing the cyberwebway" late at night when I decided to explore all the menu options in my browser. I found the "Show Subtext" button, and suddenly the sailing fan site I was looking at stated, in the bottom left corner, "I do not want to seem as lonely as I fear I am." I was surprised, and saw another option "Condense Web Into Universal Rationality and Comprehend." I was about to click on that, but my finger slipped and I clicked the "Ruin Everything" button instead. It took weeks to rebuild that machine, and the menu options were gone.

How about you? Have you ever been brought low from reverie just as you were rising to the threshold?

How was it? Would you rather have never come so close?
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