Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Wolfgang is Wistful

I was walking through the bus terminal looking for a place to sit. The first bench I approached had an index card, three inches by five inches, in the middle of it. It looked blank, but when I picked it up, there was text on the other side.

The text read: "The Roman Empire fell because of the decline of the family unit."

I set it back down and kept looking. The next bench, similarly, had an index card. This one read: "In the United States today, most spousal or spouse-like relationships last about 4-6 years. Pop anthropology suggests this is the amount of time it takes a child to become functionally able to survive without two parents."

I kept moving from bench to bench, looking for a palce to sit. Each had a card:

"At age 70, long after sex is an issue, the greatest comfort is to have a sweetheart."

"Married couples who remain united for the sake of their children actually are causing their children greater discomfort."

"Love is eternal."

"A romantic relationship is a renewable contract. Ideally, should a relationship ever become a greater cost than benefit, one should not renew the contract."

" 'I LOVE YOU' is a promise."

"Doubtful it stood;
As two spent swimmers, that do cling together
And choke their art. --MacBeth, Act II, Scene ii, lines 10-11"


Eventually I reached a bench without an index card. I sat there.

Next to me on the bench was an old man in a hat. He looked just like me, except that he was old, and he had a hat.

I said hello and he asked me "What do you feel most guilty about?"

I said, "For a long time, I have been telling people that the polar bear will stalk a human and wait outside their home, covering its nose to remain invisible. While there is an Inuit legend that a polar bear will cover its nose, this is unsubstantiated. I thought I was an honest man, but I have been perpetuating a lie."

A man looked at me sadly and shook his head. He got up and left and then I stopped and wondered why I was in a bus station at all.
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