Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Happily Held Hostage by the Hair, Our Hero Hopes to Honor the Honorable

When I was a kid, I once walked down the sun-drenched streets of Lubbock, Texas (home of competitive electrical power) and saw a tornado off in the distance. The winds picked up, and a shattered sign from the tornado lay at my feet, the letters all scattered and scrambled. It said,

"When you are almost 30, don't forget to honor ianhess for the temperature gradient."

I didn't know what that meant until now! Turns out, of course, that Ian's "blade quenching pool/tank" was the first machine to use a mechanism not on the list of 22 Basic Machines.

Ian, send me your address to receive something clever from Amazon!

Special groove also to youngoat for the LED, rwx for the heat pump, zunger for the shockwave (and a lot of brilliant commentary), and grandmoffdavid for the quantum tunneling microscope (and a lot of brilliant commentary). If y'all send me your addresses (or just leave them in comment from a post a long time ago and I'll delete them), I'll send you something somewhat clever but cheap from Amazon.

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