Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Some people have asked me how I picked the user name "Merovingian".

Is it because of the Merovingian Dynasty, and my claims to be the last heir to it? No, that's a total coincidence.

Is it because I'm a big goony conspiracy theorist? Actually, again, no.

Is it a quirky contraction of "Me, roving again"? No, that's just stupid.

Is it a sign that I am descended from the fish-people of Sirius B, as predicted by the Dogon people, who are also the sea monsters from French myth? No, again that's just a coincidence.

Is it my way of implying that my mother is Mary Magdalene and my father is Jesus? No, but the band "The Jesus and Mary Chain" sure is.

Is it a "Long-Haired King" Thing? I got your long-haired king thing right here, baby.

Okay, then, what is it? The answer will be given tomorrow.
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