Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Ladybug Rumors

My village has a witch doctor. He's an agnostic extropian. He lives in a shabby but imposing house on the outskirts of the village, laden with scary things.

I went to him, and gave him two coins of silver.

"Is there a central brain function for art? That is to say: poetry and painting and dance can all move our soul. Clearly, they use different parts of the brain: the language center is used for poetry, but not dance. But is there a common part of the brain, used during contemplation and appreciation of art, and not used for other tasks?"

He nodded and thought about this for a short while.

"Secrets carry power. Secret words hold power. It rests in the shadows of the mind. If you have a word which you use many times in your life, but never tell another, it will take on deep and unconscious meaning to you. This may be magical, or may simply be a result of repeated unconscious suggestion, but it is real and potent."

I quirked an eyebrow, in a trademark fashion. (Incidentally, congratulate me! I just got back the paperwork approval for my eyebrow quirk trademark!)

He continued, unabated. "I'm talking about network passwords, of course. Every time you use one of these secret words, your unconscious is shaped to it. Be careful. If your password is 'vicious' (or 'v1c10us' or '*vic?ious*') something cruel will be born within you. If your password is your dog's name, the animal will become your familiar. If your password is a friend's name, that friend will hold power over you. If your password is a string of nonsense letters, your life will lack meaning. Many people use only two or three passwords for everything. Consider that those passwords shape you."

Then I had some pie.

What kind of pie did I have?


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