Ted (merovingian) wrote,

When I drive out from the city, and stand up on that grassy hill, I can sometimes hear the wind speaking to me.

Sometimes it says, "Remember that the world is huge and glorious, and that you are a part of it."

Sometimes it says, "Look at these hills. They are older than everything else you see. When you have problems, remember how quickly they will pass."

This afternoon, the wind said, "Increasing fuel prices are a result of inelasticity in the market, combined with a lack of competition. Consider the possibility of consumer-organized gasoline bulk-buying clubs."

Later on, when I thought about, I was surprised the wind wasn't recommending clean, renewable fuel sources, or at least hybrid vehicles.

At the time, though, with the bright green grass and the lovely sunny warmth, I felt very accepting of what the wind told me. I had only one question: "What kind of certification do you need to make that happen?"
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