Ted (merovingian) wrote,


I found a secret tunnel leading from Ellis Island to the Wrigley Memorial.

Ellis Island, of course, is where many immigrants were processed when arriving into the U.S. from across the Atlantic. It's in New York, of course, in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, which, as it turns out, really is the first part of America to be seen by Atlantic immigrants. Ellis Island is closed now, and the floor is littered with the overly-ethnic sounding endings to names. You can hardly walk without stepping on a "-noyarsky" or an "-ovich" or a "-weiller".

Wrigley Memorial is on Catalina Island, off the coast of Los Angeles. William Wrigley, Jr., a huge gum magnate, loved Catalina island, and poured huge amounts of money into the place. The flora and fauna were his favorite. His baseball team (I think it was the White Sox) trained on the island. Wrigley pretty much spent his time having things named after him in Chicago and on Catalina Island, but he was buried in a huge structure on Catalina. The structure was made almost entirely from local native materials. Wrigley was careful to specify the exact chemical proportions, architecture to an inch, and layout of the place. It was designed by Wrigley, alongside David M. Renton and the Chicago architecture firm Bennet, Parsons and Frost. I've found no records indicating that any of them actively were in the process of building sacred architecture to channel dragon lines.

Anyway, there's an underground tunnel between the two. There's a lot of rest stops along with way with vending machines.

Who stocks them?
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