Ted (merovingian) wrote,

AnimalIheads Post Deleted Due To Infighting

I got sick of the entire argument, everyone, so I deleted my previous post and the entire thread. If you missed the previous post, it's probably for the best - I don't think any good could come from more people seeing it.

But, to clarify some things for those who saw the previous post and got upset:

1. The "zgrep" command is very useful.

2. The fact that two of the biggest rivers in China are the Yellow and the Yalu seemed funny to me as a child. It only occured to me recently that nobody in China would get it.

3. Newton wasn't the only one to invent calculus.

4. If people would just open their eyes and get past their own mental blocks, they would universally agree with me completely.

5. Elephants have a deep sense of reverence for the dead, and complex funerary rites.

Thanks, everyone, and I am sorry if the previous post hurt anyone's feelings.
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