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merovingian's Journal

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7 July 1973
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"There should be a psychology of feet. For do we not make decisions with our legs, and walk about on our brains? What do you mean, `No, not really,'?"
-from "The Notebooks of Mauve'Bib--Outtakes, Bloopers, and Unconvincing Maxims," Edited by the Princess Serutan.
(Source: Harvard Lampoon's Doon)
, 3.5e, absinthe, adoor's ass, agnostic ritual, alternate victory conditions, anarchy, ani difranco, answers, archetypes, badness, beholders, being wrong, burning man, burning the sun, business, chaos, childish greed, cilantro, civilian space program, clarity, cleverness, clubs, cognitive science, complexity, conspiracies, crossroads, damn lies, dancing, danger, debauchery, doing stuff poorly, doing that stuff anyway, doubt, dream logic, dune, edna st vincent millay, empty-handed resistance, ending suffering, enlightenment, excess, extropianism, finance, games, gaming, geekdom, genetics, gothiness, haiku, high weirdness, hiptops, improvisation, invisibility, kooky little stories, laziness, libertines, lies, liminal spaces, linguistics, love, meaning, meditation, memetics, morality, musicals, my interests list, nanowrimo, nootropics, nothing, orreries, paperless society, paranoid sex, peace, pho, pigdog, political ice-cream making, possibility, posthumanism, postmodernism, psychology, queerness, rebellion, recursivity, revolution, rock and roll lifestyle, roleplaying, science, secrets, silence, skill, skinny puppy, soul coughing, spacefood, spookiness, statistics, strattera, stuff, tao, teddy roosevelt, the beatles, the big fear, the deep click, the french revolutionary calendar, the hand of glory, the orange circle, the solitare encryption algorithm, the undermind, the void, they might be giants, time travel, tofu, transhumanism, trouble, vegetarian cannibals, voodoo, water, words, yumm,

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